• John Dellaert

The nature strip Crawler

The clouds have finally made way for a beautiful blue sky, the sun cheerfully peeking through the mountain ash trees.

Hiking shoes on and camera bag slung around my shoulder, I head off for a walk on the winding road at the bottom of the driveway.

How incredible it is to be surrounded by Nature - such wonderful scenery metres from our doorstep.

Even before I reach the end of the driveway, I find a cluster of mushrooms, delicately hiding from the rays of sunlight. Click. I make it off the driveway and immediately a group of mushrooms are showing off the nice structure of their 'gills'. Time to get down on my hands and knees. Click click. Nothing more fun than crawling around to get down at eye level with the 'shrooms! An approaching car slows, hesitates, comes to a near stop. I half turn and make sure that the driver can see me, theatrically pushing some buttons on the camera. My fine performance assures them I am not injured, but probably does nothing to alleviate their concerns for my mental health. To prove I am quite well, not a victim of a vicious crime or accident, I get up and continue my walk. More mushrooms, hiding in long grass! Click click click. Whoops, my apologies to the two lovely ladies walking their dog who almost literally stumbled upon me!

I got some amazing shots that day so no regrets, even if it did contribute to my growing reputation as the village weirdo ...

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